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Friday, January 14, 2011

CBSC Special

To tribute the recent stupid ruling by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council to ban Dire Straits song Money for Nothing, here is my list of songs to nan:

• supports a ban on Honky Tonk Man, as it offends white guys
• supports a ban on Pretty Fly, and it offends fly white guys
• supports a ban on NWA's OPP, as it offends the Ontario Provincial Police
• wants to ban the song Girls, as it's offensive to Women
• agrees to ban the song Goonies, as it is offensive to Sloth
• demands to ban I Want a New Drug. We all know the current ones are fine.
• insists on ban of the song Lollipop, lest the sugar industry be offended
• wants to ban Rockafeller Skank, as it offends them hoes
• demands we ban Celine. Her and her songs, for the sake of all Canadians.

Animal Lovers

The animal lover says:

  • cat people are puuuurrrr-fect
  • pet lovers do it doggie style
  • as an animal lover, Elk are very deer to me
  • likes to drink with fish as they're always tanked
  • as I friend of the sheep, I can say ewe are baaahd

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bad Timing

They day just doesn't go right sometimes.
  • Bad timing is having a heart attack during a game of charades
  • Bad timing is being alive during the Justin Bieber era
  • Bad timing is being late for work and running for a street car as it get's hijacked by Leprechauns on St. Patty's Day
  • Bad timing is letting a stinky one rip just before a colon exam
  • Horrible timing is being that doctor who receives the stinky one

Friday, January 7, 2011

Facebook Secrets


* is a byte in a bit in a node designated to be sold to make Mark rich.
* is going on Intervention for Facebook withdrawal.
* vs. Mark Z in UFC 2010 - the Geekdown!
* is uploading my photo revenue stream to Mark's personal money making machine.
* is the model of an electronic sheep. Like
* wonders if FB'ing from the washroom should be called Fecesbooking.
* wonders if you bare wondering where I wrote this.

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