* * Silly Facebook Status: February 2008 *

Friday, February 22, 2008

  • today backwards talking is
  • is so tired, he feels like tiny, little energy-draining gnomes have tapped his body with soul-sapping straws and have consumed his essence. A nap should fix that.
  • is bright, like a light bulb...but only like one of those 25 watt, energy-efficient bulbs.
  • wonders what people use #%$&! characters for swear words. What the heck is so wrong with $?
  • wonders how a piano can be a player.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Funny thoughts of the day

Your Name Here...
  • is tired of being treading on. It's just going in circles and I'm wheelie tired of it.
  • is out for a run. Which is really just exhausting oneself in a futile attempt to get back where on started.
  • wonders why so many poeple don't spel check their updates.
  • is like fine art. Old and no one understands me. :)
  • is doing a photo shoot to tribute Marilyn too. Move over Lindsay!
  • was once in love with work. However, we've filed for a trial separation.
  • wonders why people waste their time posting updates on Facebook...ohhh fudge!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Silly Status Updates

  • is a series of linked molecules.
  • still wishes it was Saturday. But tomorrow will wish it were Friday.
  • is made mostly of water.
  • is.
  • is taking it one day at a time. Sort of like a calendar.
  • is not online. Really. I'm not sure how this got updated.
  • doesn't see the excitement from snow. Really, it's just frozen water.
  • is burning like a midnight oil. I wish they made a creme for it.